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I am now booking for the Tahoe Tattoo Show June 24th-26th.


Upcoming conventions

I will be in Detroit with my homies from Studio 13 March 4-6 for the Motor City Expo

Taylor Ross and I will be in Chicago for the Rosemont Tattoo Art Expo March 18-20

In June I will be making my way to Nevada for the Tahoe Tattoo Show June 24-26



Best in the Midwest Convention

In just a few weeks I will be in Council Bluffs Iowa for the Best in the Midwest Convention.  I have a couple openings on Saturday and Sunday. Book an appointment soon or be bummed when I don't tattoo you.


Fall Travel Dates

I will be visiting Chicago again next moth, October 8-10 during my guest spot at Logan Square Tattoo, along side the homie Gifford (@futureteller) for all you IG followers. I have llimited space,the 9th is already booked ,so dont sleep on it...

I am also going to be in one of my favorite cities, St. Louis, for the Old School Tattoo Expo in November. Now booking appointments.


Travel Dates

I will be with my good friends at Studio 13 in Ft. Wayne, IN. July 22-25 and In August I will be at he Villain Arts Downtown Chicago Arts Convention August 28-30...

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